Al’s Garage & John Cutter’s Tavern
Customer Rewards Loyalty Program

At Al’s Garage and John Cutter’s Tavern, our customers are priority number one!  That’s why we offer the best customer loyalty program in the city, which rewards YOU for your patronage! We appreciate the support we receive “On The Corner” with both restaurants, and want you to know that our Customer Rewards Loyalty Program works for both locations!

And, we make the process simple and easy, both in signing up and managing your account each time you come in!  You simply sign up with your email on the bottom of your receipt. Then, when you come in again our system automatically connects the name on your credit card with the email and adds your points, making each visit easy and requiring you to do nothing but enjoy your discounts.  There is no need to write down or provide the server your email at each visit, you are already in the system.
When you join our loyalty program you receive $5 for every $100 you spend.  As you dine with us, your points accumulate and build up, and your reward becomes a free meal!

For more information on our Customer Loyalty Reward Program make sure to inquire with one of our servers or staff members!